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Wait Until March??!!!
by Liza in

I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. I love Alice Through the Looking Glass even more. I collect different editions of these books (pop-up books, annotated, various illustrations), have been to the museum in London that houses Lewis Carroll's original drawings and writings of these books and have a framed poster hung directly above my computer of one of the pages of his first edition called, Alice's Adventures Under Ground. My husband, the first time we celebrated my birthday together, found a bed & breakfast in Santa Barbara (we were living in Los Angeles at the time) themed after Alice in Wonderland called The Cheshire Cat Inn and took me there for the weekend. It's also where he proposed 10 months later in October 2007.

* * *
Just in writing the above and looking at my framed poster, I have been wanting to get a custom mat made for it for quite some time. The frame is great, but it's not quite the right size for the poster so the borders are all wonky. I guess you could say it's something I've been mildly tolerating for a while.

So, I called Michael's and Fast Frame and told myself if it was less than $30 I'd bring it in today. Fast Frame said she could cut it while I waited if they have the color I want in stock! I'll be heading over there shortly.

Another reason I love this poster so much is because it goes well with my coaching. Many people who come to me for coaching are searching for direction. They need a change. In this particular page of AAUG she is at the beginning of her journey and is very lost and confused and the world around her is changing rapidly. I think it's just perfect.

* * *
Back to waiting until March of 2010. This, as you may have guessed, is when Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out. I can't wait. Well, I guess I have to. I was looking at some of the photos on Coming Soon and they are AWESOME. Really. How amazing does this scene look?

photo courtesy of Coming Soon

Then, I found a little trailer on YouTube, which doesn't give much considering how far away the release is, but it's just enough to be highly intriguing. Plus, it's got Johnny Depp - one of the best characters of our time (duh).

I need to re-read these before the movie. Although, it looks like the movie takes a very literal and twisted take on one of the lines from the book, "We're all mad here," by the Cheshire Cat. And that excites me even more.

I don't collect a lot of things and I'm not a crazy follower of various books or movies or TV shows, but I am ALL. OVER. THIS.


Louise said...

Should you have a Alice in Wonderland themed birthday-wedding party?

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