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Baby Got Boo-TAY!
by Liza in

I would like to thank the maternity clothing-making world for making shirts that cover the pregnancy ass.  Because, seriously, my booty could absolutely be featured in a remake of "Baby Got Back."  And it's really fun when your co-workers start noticing.  So, thank you to all those who make maternity shirts.  Seriously.
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Update by Photos
by Liza in

Yes, well, there's no point in apologizing yet again for waiting so long between posts.  It's lame.  And I keep wanting to do updates and then something else comes up.  It's been quite a while since my last chat of baby and my life, so, needless to say, a lot has happened.  For lack of a better (or in order to avoid something more overwhelming) way to get it all down, I think I'll go by photos. 

For Christmas, I got the camera that I have practically been BEGGING for.  A nice, digital, Canon Rebel.  I used to do headshots and such when I was in Los Angeles and I had a top notch FILM Canon then.  I have been jonesing for a wonderful digital Canon so that I could use my old lenses.  And, I got it.  It makes me happy.  Although, my main subjects are my dog and my husband and my husband gets pretty fussy.  So, I am not want for photos of Sampson.  I think my favorite one of him so far is one I took today.

Today was also our first snowfall!  So fun.  Being that this is the South and NOT anywhere that's very used to snow, the whole place gets all, "WINTER STORM WATCH: 2010" for a whopping 1 inch of snow.  But, it means a snow day!  Most of the counties in Middle Tennessee announced last night that they would be closing school for today.  It hadn't even started snowing.  And it wouldn't for about another 12 hours.  I love it. 

If you look hard enough, you can see the snow in the air.  Like I said, not a ton of snow, but enough to make it so that my hard-working husband and myself could take the day and watch back-to-back episodes of The Sopranos!  During which I would periodically make him pause the DVD because I could feel our little baby kicking - and then I'd call him over (because we're lame-o old folks with separate recliners; eventually we'll get a nice couch) and have him place his hand on my belly.  And, without fail, our little one would stop kicking and punching only to leave my hubby huffing that he had to get out of his comfy chair for nothing.

I'm 19 weeks along, but have been feeling her (oh, yes, I forgot to post about finding out the sex.  We found out on December 16th when we went to a 3D imaging place) since week 16.  I love that I started feeling her so early.  Apparently, week 16 is one of the earliest weeks to start feeling kicks.  They say it can feel like gas or cramps.  It was actually the same night that we found out it's a girl.  I had tons of gas (which, as any pregnant lady will tell you, is annoyingly normal) and figured that the steady pushes near my bellybutton were just bubbles.  But then I felt it again the next night.  Same place.  And the next night.  So I asked this lovely lady I work with, Jennifer, who has five children and is thus an expert at all things growing baby, if I'm indeed feeling my little gal.  And she says yes.  The main difference between the two is that gas is bubbly and moves around the baby gives a steady push! 

Oh, and aside from the fact that Jennifer is simply lovely as she is, she made me a gift.  A baby gift.  And we've only been working together for about a month.  She made me this diaper cake:

I wanted a diaper cake like an alcoholic wants some whiskey.  I wanted it that bad.  It's a quintessential baby shower gift.  Granted, this wasn't for my baby shower, it was for, well, just being pregnant and finding out I was having a girl.  Which makes her super awesome.  I don't know if any of my friends or family even KNEW what a diaper cake was, let alone had plans to make me one.  There are 100 newborn diapers on it along with little pink ornaments for our Christmas tree next year and little pink lollipops, which will apparently be a necessity in the delivery room.  Yay.
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