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The Pill & I Broke Up - 1
by Liza in

It's true. Last Sunday when I was a'sposta start my next cycle of baby-stoppers, I looked at my empty case and thought, "Ha! I'm done with you and you don't even know." And then I laughed slightly maniacally. Bring on the baby making!

Well, not...yet. I still have to have my hernia surgery. My doctor found my hernia, which made me feel acknowledged. When I first went to see him, it went into hiding. It's like when your cable is out and your Internet is all wonky and you call the cable guy and they tell you they'll be there after they visit the moon and then they finally show up and your cable is working so well it's curing cancer. That's how I felt when I first went to my doctor. This freakin' hernia has been around since I was 14. Seriously. I used to have to squat in the hall sometimes walking from class to class to help the pain. But it's been the past year that it's really been a regular issue.

So, yes, he couldn't find it. And tried to make me feel better by saying that he usually can't feel them at first for about 50% of women. I guess our hernias are shy. So, when I knew I was going back to see him, I stood up all day, pushed like I was trying to poo a ton of bricks and kept jumping up and down in my little dr.'s office wrap while waiting. And, there it was. All my hernia hard work paid off. Of course, I left the doctor's limping.

My thought was that I should get this thing taken care of before a big ol' baby sits on it. Apparently, though, when you get preggers, your body responds by holding UP the uterus as opposed to the uterus pushing DOWN on things. Interesting, eh?

As you may know, The Husband and I are planning to TTC soon. Right after surgery. Which is why I went off the pill. I know it can take a while to your body to get back into baby-having-readiness. And, me being me, I have a PLAN. The plan is: 1. go off the pill now 2. get preggers in September 3.have a baby in June. And that's it! I like simple plans.

But there's a little more to it. A friend of a friend, upon hearing TH and I were wandering into baby-having-territory, practically threatened my life if I didn't read Taking Control of Your Fertility. And, me being me, I looked it up on Amazon that night, (I think the most amount of reviews I've ever seen for a book on Amazon is maybe 40. This book has over 1200. And over 1000 are 5 star. Ok, I'll bite.) and went to Borders to get it two days later.

***must continue this later! Super tired! VERY interesting stuff, what this book is teaching!***


Louise said...

If you're anything like me, it'll take a few months for things to get "on track."

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