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My Favorite Part About Last Night
by Liza in

3:22am - me, sleeping soundly

3:23am - The Husband and his big legs (he's got these crazy, hard as a rock, all-muscle thighs and calves) come flopping over right on top of me.

me: (start doing a swimming kick with my legs in efforts to get The Husband to roll over)

TH: (waking slowly) oh, you're so annoying!

me: ME? YOU'RE all on my side!

TH: (rolling over) Butthole.

me: Inside of a butthole.

TH: Sh. Butthole.

me: Inside of a butthole. Sh.

TH: I'll fart on you.

me: Doesn't matter I'm immune.

TH: I'll still do it.

me: I've built up antibodies.

TH: (very softly and quickly) Sh.

me: (practically at the same time in the same way) Sh.

Cut to: 4:12am - the husband is sleeping soundly, me, not so much

Cut to: 4:53am - I've got lame restless leg stuff happening (I know, sounds so super stupid to people who have never had it happen, but it's crazy annoying), so I go to the couch in the living room.

Cut to: 5:22am - Pretty sure I've just finally fell asleep.

Cut to: 5:33am - Three minutes after The Husband's alarm went off and he comes out to ask me what happened.

5:36am - Back in bed and it's all to myself.
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by Liza in ,

Sampson (given to him by someone other than us, but we think it fits)

Breed: Mutt, some kind of Daschund/Terrier/Awesome mix

Favorite Hobbies: Sleeping, Barking at all things noisy (big trucks, the UPS truck, the FedEx truck, motorcycles, the guys who mow the grass in our apartment complex - he gets very angry at these people. I thought barking at this stuff was just what cartoon dogs did), Sleeping in our bed, Sleeping on his bed (which is a small couch in our bedroom), Sleeping on one of the two chairs in our office that provide a nice view of the street and other dogs enjoying freedom and sunshine while he is being held captive inside, Asking us if we're going to finish our dinner

Birthday: No clue. We got him from Happy Tales on June 14, 2008, so that's his birthday. One day a few months ago he was all depressed and sulky and I think it's because that was really his birthday and we didn't do anything special. The people at Happy Tales told us he's probably 5 years old and our vet agrees.

Made Out Of: Love
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Fainting, Crying, Barfing and Babies
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My husband is SO ready for a baby. Before we met, I think he was looking for someone to be a mother to his unborn children first and a wife second. He's been talking about babies and how he'll have tea parties with a daughter and play sports with a son (although, he has stated he will certainly invite the son to tea and the daughter to baseball). I told him I'd go off the pill for his 33rd birthday, which is in November, two weeks before I turn 30, 1 year and 7 months after our wedding and 3 years and 4.5 months after our first date.

He's been talking about it more and more lately as it gets closer. One of the things we're waiting on is that I'm pretty sure I have a hernia and need to get it operated on before a baby sits on it for nine months - probably not very comfortable. I say I'm pretty sure because I've never had it professionally checked out due to the fact that I haven't always had the best insurance (but I have HAD insurance for a number of years) and didn't want it to be a
pre-existing condition. That can really screw you. So, now my husband has moved into full-on hunter/gatherer mode and has a good job with good insurance. It's off to the surgeon at the end of this month.

Once that's taken care of, I'm assuming, it's open
TTC season. (TTC is a phrase I was unfamiliar with until today when I, out of curiosity, went to thebump.com - the same people who brought the world theknot.com and the nest.com. I gotta say, I love the consistency of the names. So, I went to the the "Trying To Conceive" section - even though we are not yet TTC - and saw all these posts talking about "TTC" and, sadly, it took a few minutes to click.

I've also been thinking that waiting until November to December to go into full
TTC mode (I pretty much need to use TTC now whenever possible being that I am a STBTTC - Soon To Be Trying to Conceive.) might not be what I want. The deal is that my husband's birthday is in November and then there's Thanksgiving and then there's my birthday in early December and then Christmas and New Year's. Let's say I don't C (yes, Conceive) until about 2 or 3 months after I stop my baby-stoppers. That puts the kid being born right around all the other birthdays and holidays. That's a little too much for me. It's also why I chose to get married in April. I'm a big fan of celebration. I'd like to spread it around a bit.

So, my thought is that if we start
TTC around September or October (provided said hernia is all patched up) and it takes 2 or 3 months to C, I've got a kid somewhere between August and October, which is cool. And, if I C super-speedy like some tell me happens, I've got a summer baby. I've always felt bad for summer babies, though. Those are the kids who had to share the "birthday day" in school. Although, I asked my hairdresser today (who I totally trust) and she's a July baby and she LOVES it. So, that settled my worries.

Anyway, I'm getting way off track. Well, not really. I'm just worried that this
post'll be too crazy long.

Like I said, my husband, Tom, talks about babies every day. He wanted to talk about baby names the other night. We, like many couples, have had this conversation before. We last settled on
Eleana for a girl (his grandmother's name) and Canio for a boy (my grandfather's name - but my parents are opposed to it). So, I was out with my mom today and we were in this shopping center that has this awesome new-but-super-low-priced bookstore. I thought, hey, why don't I go in and get a baby name book for my baby-obsessed hubby. I went in and asked for the baby name book section.

When I got there and looked at the books, I a little bit wanted to faint. Then, I a little bit wanted to throw up. And, I kind of wanted to cry. It was a reaction that would probably scare Tom. Luckily, being a life and transition coach, I know it's normal. Right? Totally normal. But, when my mom came over, it didn't keep me from repeating, "It's so weird to be in this section. It's so weird to be in this section." My mom, who, although she went off the pill on purpose, was very NOT ready to C and have a kid and isn't as ready as my pops to be a grandparent, promptly left the section, grabbed, yes,
The Idiots Guide to the Mafia, and started looking through there for baby names. You know, since my grandfather was Italian and we like his name.

Well, I looked through a few and found one I liked. It was only $6.75 so, sure. Plus, I kind of feel like starting now and easing into things will be totally beneficial. While in the car, I looked through it a little and came across the girl's name
Zali, which my mom and I agreed was cute. A little while later I was driving and thinking about it and it came to mind that Zali is a rearrangement of the letters in my first name, Liza. No, I couldn't do that to the kid. Or me. Or Tom. Unless of course we named our son Mot. But then we would be oddly narcissistic. I could spell it Zalea, though. That solved it.

I brought the book home and wrapped it for Tom. When he first opened it, he gripped that it was more a gift for me. And he promptly sat and started going through each of the 100,000+ names. He loves it. He read me some names while we both had beers and I cooked dinner. It was fun. I didn't want to barf so much. Or faint. Or cry. But at least I've got a few more months until TTC. I'll stick to STBTTC for the moment.

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