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My Favorite Part About Last Night
by Liza in

3:22am - me, sleeping soundly

3:23am - The Husband and his big legs (he's got these crazy, hard as a rock, all-muscle thighs and calves) come flopping over right on top of me.

me: (start doing a swimming kick with my legs in efforts to get The Husband to roll over)

TH: (waking slowly) oh, you're so annoying!

me: ME? YOU'RE all on my side!

TH: (rolling over) Butthole.

me: Inside of a butthole.

TH: Sh. Butthole.

me: Inside of a butthole. Sh.

TH: I'll fart on you.

me: Doesn't matter I'm immune.

TH: I'll still do it.

me: I've built up antibodies.

TH: (very softly and quickly) Sh.

me: (practically at the same time in the same way) Sh.

Cut to: 4:12am - the husband is sleeping soundly, me, not so much

Cut to: 4:53am - I've got lame restless leg stuff happening (I know, sounds so super stupid to people who have never had it happen, but it's crazy annoying), so I go to the couch in the living room.

Cut to: 5:22am - Pretty sure I've just finally fell asleep.

Cut to: 5:33am - Three minutes after The Husband's alarm went off and he comes out to ask me what happened.

5:36am - Back in bed and it's all to myself.


The Thirty-Something Bride said...

LOVE this! Cute pic too. Who doesn't love a pupster in a Christmas sweater?

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