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That Lame-O "Long Time, Super Busy" Post / Jewelry!
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I totally didn't want to have one of those, "I'm sorry I haven't written in so long, I've just been so busy," posts, but here I am having it. Not that I have a lot of followers at this point so it's not like I'm disappointing to people. Just to myself (big heavy sigh).

Oh, well! Here I am now!

So, (I use the word "so" a lot - don't judge) Wednesday night, July 1st was my husband's and my 3rd year dating anniversary. I think my parents find it slightly ridiculous that we celebrate this and make a big deal about it, especially since we now have a wedding anniversary. I just chalk it up to a generational thing. And I think most of our generation is all about celebrating themselves! I will take pretty much any opportunity to celebrate, and really....TO GET GIFTS! I like gifts. Especially good ones.

Our wedding anniversary was April 27th, but we were pretty damn broke at the time, so we didn't do much more than dinner. The Husband is a big fan of photo albums, so I made one of our honeymoon and gave him that. I had plans to also have one for our wedding (as would be most appropriate) and one for our first year together as a married couple, but, as life can do, time and money became major downers.

ANYWAYS, we figured that we'd celebrate our 3 glorious years. TH said he'd wanted to do something for me on our wedding anniversary, but that he couldn't afford it. SO, fast forward to a whopping 2-ish months later where my husband is ROCKING (it needed the "G" at the end and not just an apostrophe cuz that's how much he's ROCKING) at his new job. This makes him happy. And, I ain't gonna lie, I like it, too.

TH has talked for a long time about his desire to buy me jewelry (No, I am not making this up. He also does all the grocery shopping. Jealous?) He has bought me two bracelets before, but has referred to them as "crap" - I'm guessing his definition of crap is directly related to the amount of money he spent on them and his personal judgement on what that amount of money means (Oh, Lord, the Coach in me is coming out!). OK, you get it.

So, I figured I was getting some sort of bedazzled piece of something to wear. When I came home from work I asked him if he wanted HIS gifts (which was our wedding album I FINALLY finished using the awesome free-downloadable software from Blurb). And he was all, "You got me a gift? (which he already knew I did) Cuz I didn't get you one.... Uh oh, am I in trouble?"

He's a pretty crappy liar when it comes to getting me things. He thought I had NO CLUE when he was going to propose and I knew so much so that I grabbed one of my best girlfriends and we went and got manicures and I got an eyebrow wax. One should always have freshly groomed eyebrows when being asked to become a wife.

So, I just pretended not to care and don't go any further into the lame-0 lie of why he didn't get me anything. I changed and off we went to this adorable little Italian place by us. We got wine and calamari and yummy dinner.

When we finish eating and we're waiting for the table to be cleared, TH pipes up with:

"You know how I always want to get you jewelry?"

ME: Yeah.

TH: Well, I got you some!

ME: (with great mock surprise) REALLY??

TH: Yeah! Here it is!

And he pulls a little black box out with this lovely piece inside:

The middle stone is Blue Topaz, my birthstone. I think it's a perfect piece of jewelry for our one year wedding/three year dating anniversary. I love the wave. It makes me think of going with the flow. Turns out, TH went to about six jewelry places before deciding on this one! For a long time, I wasn't a huge fan of my birthstone. After we got back from the restaurant, I looked up what it meant. I found that "topaz" comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "fire" and that this gem was thought to cool boiling pots - or hot tempers. And, in our relationship, this fits well. Not that my husband has a hot temper, but he can get worked up over things more quickly than I can and I like to believe I help cool him off.

All in all, a great anniversary. I love that my husband wants to buy me jewelry. Not just because jewelry is fun, but because it shows he thinks about me, cares about me and wants to provide the best in life for me.

Coming up soon...the POSSIBLE NEW HOUSE!


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