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Sampson (given to him by someone other than us, but we think it fits)

Breed: Mutt, some kind of Daschund/Terrier/Awesome mix

Favorite Hobbies: Sleeping, Barking at all things noisy (big trucks, the UPS truck, the FedEx truck, motorcycles, the guys who mow the grass in our apartment complex - he gets very angry at these people. I thought barking at this stuff was just what cartoon dogs did), Sleeping in our bed, Sleeping on his bed (which is a small couch in our bedroom), Sleeping on one of the two chairs in our office that provide a nice view of the street and other dogs enjoying freedom and sunshine while he is being held captive inside, Asking us if we're going to finish our dinner

Birthday: No clue. We got him from Happy Tales on June 14, 2008, so that's his birthday. One day a few months ago he was all depressed and sulky and I think it's because that was really his birthday and we didn't do anything special. The people at Happy Tales told us he's probably 5 years old and our vet agrees.

Made Out Of: Love


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