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So Excited!
by Liza in

Headed back to Los Angeles tomorrow, after having been gone for a year and eight months, to see family and friends for my first baby shower!  I'm so excited to see everyone - and REALLY excited for baby gifts and my cake!

Had a checkup today and had to do that glucose test.  That stuff they have you drink...egh...definitely got a little vomit feeling right after downing it.  I'll hear about the results in the next day or two.  Other than that, my tummy is measuring just fine, I have gained 16 lbs. since becoming pregnant and I got to hear her little, super strong heartbeat!  OH!  And I handed in my pre-registration paperwork!  For when I go into labor!  So crazy.  Can't believe I'm getting to that point.  We go back in 3 weeks when I'll be 28 weeks along and then we start going every two weeks.  Although the day-to-day drag can seem slow, in the big picture, it's going pretty fast.  It's fun.


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