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I've Been Working on the Nur-sery (Part 1)
by Liza in ,

And so it is official - the nursery decorating is in progress!  The plan is this: my super handy dad is going to install white wainscoting around the lower half of the walls.  The upper half will be stripes that are 6" pale pink and 12" a nice, calming green.  I know, nothing that hasn't been done before, but I'm excited. 

The pink is White Dogwood and the green will be Livable Green, both from Sherwin Williams.  You can see a piece of the wainscoting behind the glider.  So lovely.  For the kind of paint, I just used three of their quart-sized samples, which, apparently is not "real" paint.  Did you know that?  I was told this fact upon trying to purchase a SECOND quart of the pink sample, which clearly said to the very pregnant Sherwin Williams lady that I was intending to USE said paint for a bigger purpose than merely a sample and caused her to reply, "You know this isn't "paint," right?"  And I'm all, "Uh...yeah," because I can smell a lecture coming a mile away and I have already made up my mind, lady.  I painted my mini-dining room in my last apartment with sample paint and it turned out just dandy.  I explained to her that it was going to be used for small stripes on the top half of the wall in a small room, and that seemed to appease her.  How is it NOT paint?  Does the color not show up?  Seems to me I don't need a black-light or a lamp to hold my walls over in order for the paint to show up.  I'm sure there are many folks out there gripping their desktops in an effort to keep from banging your heads over and over at my sheer stupidity, but, as far as I can tell, the sample paint is indeed paint.  And why would I need anything else?  It's done in a satin finish and it's only $4.99 per quart.  Just grand for me! This is a nursery, people.  I'm not entertaining the Pope in here.


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