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The Results are In! (Part One)
by Liza in

And they look like THIS:

 And then an hour later THIS:

And then the next morning...like this!

And, yes, honestly, there was a fourth one.  I took it a few days later just for fun.  Okay, not totally just for fun.  I woke up with a lower temperature than expected and it worried me so I went and got another pack of 2 tests.  So, yes, there is still one left sitting under my sink that I could take just to show the progression to FIVE First Response Tests, or I could let my husband take it, which would definitely be just for fun.  Unless it said positive.  And then I'd be rich.

ANYWAY, back to being...PREGNANT!  What??!!  Yes!  Pregnant!  Preggo!  Preggers!  Bun in the oven, etc. etc.!

Last Tuesday night (September 22nd) I went to bed knowing that I'd be taking the test in the morning and that, if I were pregnant, this would be the one to show it.  I woke up because my husband was making too much noise.  I figured I'd take it after he left so I could just have the moment to myself - whatever that moment was to hold.  But, after seeing my eyes open, my husband comes over, gets super close to my face and goes, "Can you pee on a stick?"  And I was all, "Well, it'll be today if any!" And he's like, "Do it!  Do it!"

So, I get out of bed in my oversized t-shirt and my just-starting-to-grow-out bangs are sticking up nicely and I grab the test and pad into the bathroom.  As I open it, my heart starts to beat a little quicker.  I pee where I'm supposed to for the amount of time I'm supposed to, put the cap back on and watch.  First, as was with the other two tests I took before, the one line shows up.

And then another pink line starts fading into view.

And my heart starts RACING.  And I can't blink.

I put the test on a stack of still-packaged toilet paper that's sitting in front of me while thinking to myself, "Tom's just on the other side of this door.  They say to wait at least three minutes.  Let me just put this down here and wait another minute or two."

The line gets darker.

All I can focus on are those two lines.  And that the test looks VERY different from when I took it a few days ago.  And OH MY GOD I THINK I'M PREGNANT.  Holy shit.  We did it.  Whoa.  Really?

And I start to shake.  It's time to get up, (wipe first), and tell Tom.  And by "tell" I mean "show" because I didn't do much talking when I walked out of that bathroom.

Tom was facing the other way in the closet.  He heard me come out, turned around, saw my face and says, "Are you?"  Apparently, my face said it all, but he initially thought I was joking.  Until I held up the test to show him, which I'm slighty surprised he saw clearly considering my hand was shaking like a wet dog in winter.  And out of my mouth comes, "I'm shaking.  But I'm also hungry." Like it's somehow NOT okay to be on the verge of passing out after seeing your very first positive pregnancy test.

His eyes get wide, his hand files to his mouth and he says, "Oh baby, you're pregnant." And he kisses me.  And, really, I'm way to shocked for kissing.  Nothing has sunk in.  It's just shock.  Forget about hugging and jumping around and all those mental pictures we have of people who want a baby and finally get the news that their bundle of joy is on the way.  That wasn't me at that moment.  And he's got a hand on his hip and a hand over his mouth and he keeps going, "We're going to have a baby." And leaning in for kisses.  He's shocked, too, mind you.  It's a pretty wild feeling.  And I did want food.

So, being that I'm the information nerd that I am, one of the first things I do is grab my Taking Charge of Your Fertility book and my charts and I look up how to figure out the due date!  Take the date of my thermal shift, add 9 months and subract 7 days and you get...June 4th!

Tom had to leave for work about 15 minutes later.  Next up was to call the gyno and tell my folks.


Carolina Bride said...

Congrats to you. It will be a roller coaster ride of emotions. But you will love every moment of it.

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