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If I'm pregnant, I'm 4 days along. If I'm pregnant. I've been charting, using the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), which is AMAZING and I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED at how few people know about this and how it's not taught anywhere. Unbelievable.

Anyway, if I did everything right last month, it looks like I ovulated. Which is good. Especially considering I went off the pill about 2 months ago. I know it can take a long time to regulate, but I'm on a timeline, people. The Husband and I want to get a bun in the oven this month or next.

So, I've been charting. And I think I did things right so I was fairly certain when I was fertile and about to ovulate this month. And we did the deed on appropriate days. Which, quite frankly, is HILARIOUS. Having sex when it just comes naturally vs. having sex when you're going, "Fertile fluid! Let's go! Don't care how sleepy you are or how awesome I look in my oversized t-shirt from 1990 with my hair doing that fancy post-face-washing thing it does IT'S. BABY. MAKING. TIME."

I've had four days of high temperatures. Typically, you'll have 12-16 days before it drops again and you get your period. If you hit 18 days of high, welcome the baby in your belly.

I'm at four. And The Husband can't stand waiting. He keeps going, "Pee on a stick." If I'm headed out to do errands, he goes, "Pick up some pee sticks." I keep telling him that the EARLIEST I'd be able to tell isn't until the end of this week (Thank you, First Response!). And that's the earliest. I secretly keep wanting to take a pregnancy test just to see, but I know that's lame and it'd be about 10 wasted dollars. And we just got a house so I have plans for that 10 dollars.


minivan soapbox said...

Good Luck With The Pee Stick! I nailed my kid (no pun intended) pretty quick...Got results within a week as well! LOVE those early response kits!

Marie said...

Dude. I knew this part of the story. I'm gonna need you to get Part II up ASAP. Thanks :D


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